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Milop Design and Consulting Pty Ltd

Milop is an engineering consulting company, based in Sydney, specialised in development, design and analysis of mechanical and steel structural equipment.

Our professional engineers have over 30 years experience and have completed a numerous projects in the various fields of:

     - concrete pumping industry

     - construction machinery

     - mining industry

     - various mechanical and industrial equipment

  This is a good commitment and dedication in these industry branches.


Concrete Pumping Plants and Equipment

We have served this industry for over 20 years. Milop engineers are leading experts in this region for design, analysis, modification and certification of concrete boom pumps, tower concrete placing booms and other equipment for concrete pumping. We have developed and designed a wide range of the concrete booms from 17 m to 52 m reach.

Our engineering services in this industry also include:

- inspection, certification and assessment of concrete boom pumps and tower placing booms for continued operation

- “one side operation” - testing and certification of the concrete boom pumps for operation in restricted set up location where

-  design verification of the truck mounted concrete boom pumps and tower placing booms in accordance to Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011.

-  machine failure analysis


Concrete placing boom and knuckled crane on the single tower - CBC

Innovative design of the concrete placing boom and knuckled crane installed on the single tower have been developed for construction companies. On the one side of the tower is the concrete placing boom, 28 m horizontal reach, it has been designed with advanced features to provide efficient and total coverage in entire boom radius. On the opposite side, is the knuckle crane,  capacity 20 tonnes,  and is able to lift load from its own shaft.

Some solutions for these projects has been patented.


Construction industry

We have developed modular steel formwork applied in the construction of  the concrete structures, where its production is often repeatable. The formwork has found a very effective application in the casting of concrete huts for wide range of industries, chemical, railway, road transport, etc.


Tower cranes structures, design and analysis , its components, case studies, custom design jib, gantry cranes analysis, modification and certification.


Mining Industry

In the mining industry we have completed  projects in the development and design of mobile drilling rigs for exploration purposes. Milop engineers have also conducted the analysis and improvement of lifting performances for large rigs.

Modifications and design improvement for the underground coal slotter and trencher has been undertaken, expanding its operational capabilities. Many other case studies, design improvements and design verifications for variety equipment and attachments have been carried out.


Pressure Vessels

The development and design of pressure vessels for systems that contain very harmful gases and liquids. These vessels are step forward for the safe operation of the chlorine usage in water treatment. Container vessels are designed for total containment primary vessels and provide continued process and safe environment in case of primary vessels failure.


Design Lifting Devices

 In accordance with AS 4991- 2004 Lifting devices, the design criteria requires that lifting attachment should withstand "proof load" of two times the unit safe or working load limit (WLL) up to the load capacity to 10 tonne. It does mean the any attachment which comply with this standard, should be be tested to double value of working load limit. The attachment unit should be designed , stressed analysed and tested. If these steps have not been implemented, then there are good reasons that the attachment is not in compliance to this standard.

Milop has designed or verified many of these attachments


Engineering service

We provide service for:

-   third party design verification for wide a range of mechanical equipment,

-   modification and certification of concrete pumping and placing equipment, construction and earth moving equipment,

-   inspections, certifications and design verification for the plant registrations in accordance with Australian standards and Health and Safety Regulations.

Our engineering service includes a variety of mechanical analyses:

 - conventional stress analysis,

 - the Finite element analysis,

 - fatigue and failure,

 - buckling analysis,

 - code calculations.

For solving thermal problems for steady state or transient systems we use the classical methods of calculations and the finite element analysis.


Expert Witness Services

Milop provides an expert witness services and a litigation support for legal, insurance and industrial firms. Our expertise is independent professional judgement, and we perform these services under the Expert Witness Code of Practice.

 Our senior engineers provides the expertise in the scope of product fails including mechanical and structural integrity of equipment that has deteriorated due to overload, fatigue, damage, corrosion, abuse, improper manufacture etc. For this service we have have knowledge of materials, fabrication practise, codes and standards.




Our experience, education and continuous professional development and work ethics ensure that the our customers are satisfied. We have earned a reputation for delivering functional designs and for our willingness to work with customers and manufacturers to incorporate their preferred methods into the design.

We offer expertise to solve technical challenges and problems and to provide an engineering services to medium and small  sized companies who could not  justify the cost in house of engineering personnel with reasonable and competitive cost.



To learn more about our service, or to informally discuss your technical issue with an engineers call us 10 am - 5 pm EAT Mon - Fri


Milop Design and Consulting Pty Ltd

PO Box 3345

Wetherill Park NSW 2164

ph: (612) 9823 4818  fax: (612) 9823 8578

m. 0413 424 819


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Concrete boom pump 52 m




Concrete placing boom and knuckled crane (CBC) on the single tower




Drilling rig, multi-purpose plant for exploration drilling





Pressure vessel for encapsulated cylinder for harmful liquids and gasses.





The tower and the base analysed by finite element method




Detachable tower placing boom





CAD model of the tower boom

installed in the building shaft